About Us

AL- Nabaa Information Technology 

It is one of the greatest companies to distribute information technology products of some international companies and some pioneer global makers such as (HP, Giga-byte , Acer, etc.) .Our company supports more than 300 distribution channels of information technology. The distributors depend on our company daily and competitively to answer the needs of those who gain advantage to different sectors and big establishments and different official quarters. Our company is the most effective to support the Iraqi market with the most modern and developed equipments by its regular and annual participation in international and internal exhibitions. 


AL- Nabaa Network Solutions

Company established in 2005 and the company's staff consisted of 22 associate engineers and technicians with competence in the field of computer networks (Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Sun (Microsystems and Internet systems and networks VPN .



AL- Nabaa Security and Communications 

The company began its work within the Office of AL-NABAA Computer Services in 1989 and became an independent company in 2005 , the company provides systems and electronic equipments with all their accessories that help in protecting people and facilities , also all kinds of communicating equipments.


AL- Nabaa Maintenance Services

It was incorporated in 1989 a department that follows Al Nabaa bureau for information technology, the department work ,missions and services to Al Nabaa group were expanded then it was established as a company within Al Nabaa group in 2005 , the company regarded as the center for maintaining GIGA BYTE technology , Acer's, D-Link's , Power com's, and maintenance center for Creative in Iraq.



AL-Nabaa Trading Agency

it's nature of work is to conduct the works of commercial procurations for the firms and foreign institutions abroad , importing goods through procurations from specialized companies with international origins , this was possible due to years of experience in supplying universities and other Iraqi institutions and the persistence with modern invention exhibitions in scientific and technological equipments of all specializations.



AL-Nabaa Software Solutions 

software started activities as a department within Al Nabaa company for information technology  in 2005 and it became independent   in 2009, Company  working in the field of software include operating systems,data base systems ,security programs , and programs that specialized in the commercial and scientific fields from the global companies or from the company itself , The company also hosts and design websites with trading applications related to the internet